Welcome to Printers Quest! 

My name is Akshay and I’m a computer science student from India. I’ve always been interested in different kinds of printers including 3D and wireless ones.

The idea of Printers Quest came to my mind when I and my friends were discussing about which is the best printer for home under $300 because that I was looking for a new one and had a budget of 300 bucks. So, I thought there must be a lot of people facing the same problem of choosing a good printer according to their needs.

It takes hours of research to find a good printer as you’ve to go through reviews, customer experience, features, and so many other things. So, I decided to ransack the internet to look for the ridiculously awesome printers and even decided to try out a few of them myself.

Some were poor some were incredible. But finally, I had a list of printers for different types including 3D, inkjet, wireless etc. and decided to share it with everyone so that you won’t have to go through the intensive research yourself. You just need to simply go through the list which will help you to decide a nice printer within few minutes.

I’ve divided all of the printers mentioned on this site into several categories ranging from ‘By Price’ to ‘Laser’ printers. You can find the printer for any type by choosing a specific category.

I’ll make sure that this site is the last resource for people to make up their mind about choosing the best printer that fits their needs. Lastly, don’t forget to connect with me on social media as it’ll keep you updated about all the new guides I add to this site.